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Dorgard fire door retainer : Fireco are the manufacturers of Dorgard, the quick and easy way to hold open fire doors legally. Cal... Read more

DMS - Deaf Message Service: When the fire alarm sounds, DMS will send a text message to all the people connected to that locatio... Read more

Deafgard - The fire alarm for the deaf and hard of hearing.: The Equality Act 2010 states that service providers such as hoteliers and suppliers of sleeping acco... Read more

Dorgard X: Dorgard X enables fire doors to be kept open safely and legally. When the fire alarm sounds Dorgard ... Read more

Freedor - The free-swing overhead door closer: Freedor is a door closer that makes opening heavy fire doors effortless... Read more

Deafgard X: Deaf and hard of hearing people staying in sleeping premises are at risk of not hearing the fire ala... Read more

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